“To be a man, you have to see a man.

To be loved and treated by a man properly, a female has to have been treated and loved properly by a man.

The fatherhood group  (The Fathering Circle), to me, is an extremely useful exchange of thoughts, ideas, opinions, strategies, and techniques to help us hone our parenting/fathering skills and abilities.

Respectfully communicating in a forum that promotes a bond based on trust that will result in retaining useful information from other  fathers from all races, backgrounds and situations.

I have benefited tremendously from being a part of the fathering circle. It is very refreshing and useful to fellowship with the group.”

  • R. Sapp 8/2017

Published by thefatheringcircle

The Fathering Circle aims to build fathers' connections with each other to sustain us in more fully engaging with our children, challenging the effects of our limiting socialization as males and better supporting our parenting partners, in particular mothers in their liberation as women.Through listening circles, collaborative arts projects, play dates and family gatherings, we are building a community of fathers, children and families.