About TFC

The Fathering Circle was originally created by playwright Billy Yalowitz, filmmaker Les Rivera and poet Eric Marsh, Sr. to be a series of live poetry and choreographed performances and a short film focusing on fatherhood. Since its inception TFC has grown into a full length documentary project, a series of lectures, discussion and workshops and a support organization for male care-givers of all kinds. The art project and group sessions explore and inform their relationship as fathers of young children, the struggle to create egalitarian fathering practices in families, and how these are impacted by the social norms of masculinity and the residues of boyhood.

This group serves as a form of outreach and engagement to men across the region who believe in creating a new vision of parenting that encourages balanced parenting, gender equality and support for fathers and their families.

The Fathering Circle was created as part of the Philadelphia Assembled art project in 2016 with the purpose of bringing together diverse people and neighborhoods to create active resistance and radical community building in order to collectively shape our future.

Funding for TFC is provided by the Philadelphia Museum of Art
and the Humanities & Arts Program Award, Temple University

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